Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what a way to end the year...

With a nasty cold :(

symptoms got worse last night and after being woken up a huge crack of thunder I decided I was in no condition to be going to work. I'm not one that likes to call in sick all the often, however I would have been putting other sick people at risk, and working on an oncology ward, that is not fair to the other patients. Their immune system is already decreased and me being at work wouldn't be helping. AND, I don't get sick time - so you KNOW I'm sick!

Symptoms include: runny nose, sore throat, productive cough, sore chest, painful sinus, and overall blah.

I took half a sleeping tablet at about 1am, I couldn't sleep laying flat as my sinus's felt like they where going to explode and it didn't sound like the storm was going to end anytime soon. I crashed about 45 minutes after taking the pill, briefly heard Rob when he left work, then when he came home from work at about 1000, and proceeded to keep sleeping till 1340. I guess I needed it and today I am feeling a bit better. Rob brought me home some cup of noodle soup and I will be chugging the cough syrup all day! Today is New Years eve, and I'll be damned if I am spending it in bed! We have spent $120 on tickets to an all you can drink/eat party and have got a room in town - as we don't want to have to worry about a cab getting home.

So, here's to a snotty ending of 2009, and probably a snotty entry into 2010, but it will be a good one!!!

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