Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, its finally happened, 2010 has arrived.
Its kinda weird because I remember about 10 or 11 years ago thinking, hmmmmm, I wonder what its going to be like in 2010, where will I be, what will I be doing? Will we be 'flying cars' and living in the "Jetson's" era?? I guess you could say I didn't REALLY think that we would be flying cars, but I would have never guessed that I would have done what I have done in the past 10 years to get to where I am today - and none of it I regret.

This New Years Eve was the FIRST time I have ever been to a bar. I have always gone to house parties, or worked, or even one year I was in bed! I guess not that much happened that year.
This year Rob and I decided that we would go out. One of the bars - "the Cav" that my friend works at was putting on a party, tickets where $120 and it was all you can drink with snacks all night. We decided to get a cheap room in town as we didn't want to have to to fight for a cab and had no idea what the taxi situation was going to be like, so we played it safe.
We started off at a bar called Wisdom as the Cav wasn't open yet, and had a jager bomb and a drink. As we are hanging out the DJ stopped between songs, and started a countdown, 10, 9, 8......1, Happy New Year!!! he yelled. I looked at Rob and was like ok, its only 8:30 but whatever, then he said, Happy New Year in New Zealand!

We headed to the Cav and met up with a couple friends, I also ran into a girl that I worked with so that was kind of nice. The free drinks included anything on tap and basic spirits. I'm still not liking beer and the only rum they had was Bundaburg rum - which tastes like tequila to me - ugh, so I drank Vodka all night. Not my first choice, but whatever, it was free. Oh yeah, and the champagne, was like cheap cider - as Rob put it. I was given a glass of the Champagne as we arrived and I had about 3 sips of it and that was it. And the food, was just warmed up finger food - most of which I was iffy on eating, and the food ended at 10:00pm.
The music included a one man band playing the guitar for the first couple of hours, then a DJ hit the floor and smashed it up. They gave away a few prizes - which included a total of three or four gift cards......and that was it. And the countdown, was just like the first one at the first bar. All of a sudden the DJ started to countdown from 10. No 5 minute warning to get a glass of champagne or even a 1 minute warning!!! Very different then what I am used to, but don't get me wrong - I still had a good time!!! Had a few shots through out the night, lots of dancing and good times!!! I have no idea what time we got home and was very sad when we had to check out at 10am - only because both Rob and I where a bit hungover and did NOT want to get out of bed!!!
New Years day in town was like a ghost town!!! I was very surprised - nothing was open and all we wanted was a full breakfast! We did find one place that was open and waited nearly 50 minutes to get food, plus we had to pay a holiday surcharge! Our bill was close to $50 for 2 breakfasts and two lemonades!!! ($9 for the lemonade!!!! AHHHH!!! Can you believe it?!!!) We where not all that impressed, especially when we missed our bus, had to take a longer bus to the mall, which made us miss our last bus to get to the hospital, so we sucked it up and walked home - with all out stuff, hungover, and of course was hot out :)

Today has been a much better day, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better as we are planning on going skydiving - granted the weather holds up :)

I hope everyone had a great New Years and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings as each years seems to get better and better!!!

Dancing with a friend - even though it looks I am either strangling her or going in for a smooch!!!

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Skydiving??? You wild woman!

Happy New Year! We miss you.