Saturday, January 30, 2010

wildlife park, Aussie day

So last weekend we decided to do something, other then the usual.

About 30-40 minutes from town is the Northern Territory Wildlife Park . We had seen signs for it before, and it is right next to Berry Springs, where we had been before as well, but just never made it next door. We got there mid afternoon and for $20, we where put on the bus for our first stop, the Nocturnal exhibit. It was a very short bus ride and we could have walked it faster, but we arrived. It was a pretty good exhibit, but seriously, it seems like once you've seen one, you've seen them all. However, we did see a snake that had just shed its skin which I had never seen before. We then walked to our next exhibit, the Aquarium, and to get there we walked by a billabong, saw a fresh water croc, and some pretty, and big, birds. The aquarium was nothing special, but we still walked through it. And that was pretty much it. There was more of a walk around the park where we saw a manta ray, and we walked out to a bird viewing area, but saw no birds, lots of water, but no birds. And the flight deck where they let the park birds fly freely, had just closed.
All in all, it was alright, but I'd say its more of a "wild" walk then a "wildlife" park!!!! And of course it was stinkin hot out, so we got an ice cream and sat in the air con'd cafe before getting into the hot car to come home.

Tuesday Jan 26th was Australia Day. I was lucky enough to have the day off, but wasn't really feeling that great. Wasn't in the mood for socializing that much, so we passed on the bbq that we where invited to and took a ferry to Mandorah island. It was a cloudy day, and of course warm, and didn't even think to bring my sunscreen. Oops. The ferry ride was a 20 minute journey, and the hotel bar and restaurant that we went to (basically the only thing to do on the island and the only think to do) was a 5 minute walk from the dock. Rob had a few drinks, and we had a bite to eat. There was a live band playing which was pretty good, other then the fact that we couldn't hear each other it was so loud, and we were even outside.
The island had a amazing view of Perth, and it was a nice calm day out, so the water was beautiful. After a few drinks we decided to head back in, we where kinda getting bored. This when I realized how red I was getting. By the time I got home my chest was like a lobster. Oops. I forgot how little it takes to get tanned here, or burnt, and I have lost almost all my tan from Cuba and Bali that I was pretty much translucent white again. However my burn has turned into a nice tan, so no complaints :)
That evening we rented a couple of movies and just stayed in. By that point if we showed up to a bbq, we would have been the only sober people, and that is never that much fun!

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