Tuesday, February 2, 2010

countdown is on!!

It is less then 2 weeks till we leave and we are slowly getting things ready for our trip. My last day of work is Thursday the 11th, and we're good to vacate our unit on Sunday the 14th. Perfect. We'll be able to go for drinks on the Friday night as well as its a friends birthday, bring on the drinks!!! Saturday we will recover and pack, and we will most likely depart early Sunday morning, hoping to get to our destination before dark so we can set up camp. We will take 2 days to get to Alice Springs; we aren't in any big hurry and want to enjoy our travels! (I believe it takes about 13 or 14 hour, do-able in one day, but one freakin' long day!)
We will be camping on our way to Alice and Adelaide, staying in hostels in Alice as well as Adelaide. We've picked up a tent and a mattress, I got a new sleeping bag as mine went missing while in the previous place we stayed, as well as a new back pack (which I still have not received compensation from Mexicana re: my lost bag.....anyways....). We have also got a camp stove, citronella candle, lantern, a couple chairs and a small table as well as general camping supplies. I've got 2 plastic containers to put all our food and camping stuff in, and with all our stuff, I'm hoping we can get it all in the "boot" - as they say here in Oz :) Just a few more small things to get (a couple pots, pans, knife ect.) and we'll be set. Its costing a bit of money, but man it will be so worth it!!!!
I've got 7 more shifts left at work :) and have to try and sell a few things here - my bike and the TV, hopefully I can get a bit of money for my bike, but I know its hard to sell second hand stuff.
I am getting more and more excited as the days go on and can't wait for this party to get started :)

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