Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One more shift!!

Sweet ass!!! One more day shift tomorrow and I am done, hopefully for a LONG time!!! haha You'd think with how long I've been here I'd be able to take a few months off, but Australia is expensive, and now that we have a car, it means a bit more money :) We just booked into a hostel, and its $30/night, and the money will just keep disappearing. Oh well, thats what I came here to do!
Work hasn't been the greatest. I worked Sunday night and was "team leader" or charge nurse as we call it back home. I was a bit nervous, but I think I did OK. No big issues. I had to work an early the next day and then stayed for a double as they were short, and ended up being team leader AGAIN that evening, and we ran our feet off. We had 6 discharges which included 3 absconding patients, one that we had to call the police on as she was at risk. Thank goodness I didn't have to work till 1pm the next day as I was exhausted!!! Today I worked at morning shift after working a late shift yesterday; normally we would get the same patient load to make it a bit easier for us. But no, not today. Our new manager did the assignment and gave me a different load, with of course the sickest patients. I don't normally mind but it bothered me today as the nurse that had that lot, worked last evening and was well capable of handling the patients. I even questioned her on it in the morning telling her I had that lot, but she said she had other plans for me. I approached her on this at the end of the day (I had to build up the confidence) and she said that it was because I was 'senior' (which by the way scared the shit out of me and made me realize that I have been nursing for 6 years, WTF!!!!) and she needed someone that new what they where doing. Great, made me feel good, but how are the new nurses going to learn?? And really, there where other sicker patients on the ward. PLUS, I was then told I had to give medications for an EN/LPN that couldn't AND orientate a new grad. It ended up being an OK shift, and the day went by fast, lets hope the same for tomorrow :)

We are pretty much ready to head out Sunday, just a few things to do on my day off on Friday. Hand in my uniforms which I will be doing with a smile on my face, and picking up a few things; then getting ready for our night out. Hopefully getting very drunk, but not too drunk as we will have to pack Saturday. I still haven't sold my bike, but to be honest I haven't been too proactive. With my crazy work schedule I haven't been able to do up posters, and with my Mac it makes it difficult to do one up, put it on a memory stick and print it at work. I don't want to fight with it, so I have just left it. I have a feeling I will be taking it to cash converters on Saturday. Oh well, its half my fault.

I am going to try get over my internet addiction while we travel - but still keep this updated. I have three games I play on facebook - ALL the time :) just ask Rob. I will try and stay off this, at least limit my time :) Most of our travels to Adelaide I won't even have internet access, which makes it easier! Anyways, will update before we leave :)

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