Sunday, February 28, 2010

Only in Australia.........

Since being in Australia there are many things that I have found to be different, or even things that I'll see and think, oh, I should write that in my blog, but I'm not near my computer or Internet. And granted I don't have Internet right NOW, but am writing this anyways!

-First all, the lines on the road make no sense!! Pretty much all the lines are white, and when driving down the highway, they allow for 'passing' in many dangerous spots, like a turn or upcoming hill!! There are times when we have been driving down the highway and want to pass someone, and even though we have a dotted line, there is no way in hell I'm passing when there is downwards hill approaching!!!!

-The things we are allowed to do here would NEVER be allowed to do back home - climb Uluru rock, the gorges in Karjini, all to risky, but not here in Australia!

-The speed limit in the Northern Territory on the highway is 130km/hr.

-We just spent a couple nights in Port Augusta, South Australia, and it took us half a day to realize that the street signs where painted on the edge of the sidewalk!

-I think I have mentioned this before, but all there cheese is white, even cheddar cheese.

-All the electrical outlets have an on/off switch - and how many times did I turn on the oven at the staff village in Darwin and forget to activate the switch.

-I have been in Australia for over a year and have yet to see a wild snake.

-The flies have a notice out to attack me whenever they can :)

-At most picnic/beach/rest areas, there is a bbq to use.

-The Australian's do NOT know how to BBQ - nothing beats my Dad's BBQ :)

-Propane is called 'gas' and gas is called 'petrol'.

-Peppers are called capsicum and honeydew is called rock-melon.

-No, it is not that strange to shift gears in a car with my left hand, you get used to it. -But I do constantly put the windshield wipers on instead of signaling :) (only in certain cars though)

-cell phones (aka, mobiles) are ridiculously expensive here, most people text and many people don't have home phones. Its about 75cents/min to make a phone call within Australia on a mobile.

-Ketchup is called tomato sauce.

-Trucks here are called 'yutes, and our big 4X4 'F350's' don't exist here. In fact, I just saw my first 5th wheel trailer here, which are called campervan's, not trailers.

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