Saturday, February 6, 2010


So some very exciting news! Rob has been granted his second year visa!!! So now we have no stresses and are getting even more excited about our road trip :)
Which, by the way, we had a 'trial run' of setting up our tent, and it was completed without any arguments!! haha Its a three man tent - Rob wanted the four man, but it was massive, and I didn't think we needed that big of a tent, so I talked him down to the three man. For some reason I think it is going to come back and bite me in the ass. Oh well, I guess I'll here about it then :) haha
Only 5 more shifts left, and I have a TON of shit to do. I also work all morning shifts this mon-thurs, which makes it difficult to get things done. BUT, it always manages to get done so I'll try and not stress about it too much.

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