Thursday, February 4, 2010

mini eggs :) :) :)

Yes, it is that time of year, that mini eggs have come out of hiding, and I begin to consume them, in large amounts!!!
Cadbury mini eggs have been my favorite, for as long as I can remember. In fact, one day at high school, my friend Trisha brought a 1kg bag of mini eggs (courtesy of costco) to school, and between 4 of use, we finished the lot. How none of us managed to get sick, I do not know.
I noticed the mini eggs at the store the other day, but resisted the urge to purchase them. However, I broke down and bought a bag today while getting groceries, it didn't help that I was starving. They don't have any of the small bags, just the 250gm bag, but large enough. After yummy taco's for supper, I cracked open the bag and savored the taste that I had forgot!!!!! Before I knew it we had nearly finished the bag. I told Rob to hide them, and he just put them out of reach from me, but he still ate them!!! I managed to grab the bag and put them in a zip-lock bag (so the ants don't get to them) and tried to hide them somewhere. Rob took them and put them on top of the cupboard at the back, but with my monkey arms, I managed to get them!!
So, he found a place to hide them, and despite me being able to reach them, it makes it a chore, and very difficult to do behind his back. Below are the pictures of where there are.

Sorry, the one photo didn't rotate, and it should have. But, as you can tell, it is very high! I wonder how long they will last?? Who will be the first to break and take themdown??? :) :)

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