Monday, March 29, 2010

and the pain continues....

Well its been over 36 hours since the break, and things have not been easy.

First of all the pain. It is still nothing like I have ever felt before, and I haven't really yet been able to control it. I was only given 3 percocet from the hospital and I was only supposed to take one every 8 hours.......yeah right. I managed to wait 6 hours over the first night, then 5 hours, and after that dose I took a Tylenol 1. Last night was not any better - getting an uncontrollable twitch in my foot is a tear jerker.

Cyd had some left over Codeine and Di-Gesic which I have been taking, but I have yet to be pain free. Last night we went out with Cyd and Tim to celebrate Zoe's mom's birthday, and I was feeling ok before we left. Rob lent me his leg to rest my foot on for the drive, but it was a windy road and I could feel the pain getting bad again. I had finished my percocet by this time, so I took one, just one, equivalent of a Tylenol 3. We arrived at the restaurant and not shortly after I felt completely stoned! Just one T3!!!!! I actually wasn't feeling good, my stomach felt nauseous, yet I knew I should eat, and all I wanted to do was stare at the pretty wine glasses!!! This soon passed and I was able to get some pizza down, and through this whole time, my foot still hurt - not as bad, but still hurt.

Yesterday Cyd took me to get a pair of crutches. This has definitely made mobilizing easier. Hopping to the toilet was never fun and it just caused my foot to hurt more. Although trying to use a pair of crutches at 0230 to go to the toilet, while feeling stoned on codeine, is never fun! Especially where even the slightest touch of my toes, kills.

This is the first time ever, that I can remember, where my life has instantly changed, drastically. I need help with the simplest of things, opening doors - although I CAN do it myself, it makes it much easier someone else doing it for me, putting a sock over my cold toes, I can't even carry much. I tried taking my toiletry bag to the bathroom, and it was just asking for trouble. Thank goodness I have Rob to help me and he is my little slave right now :) I try to do as much as I can myself, but it is much easier and less painful if someone can do it for me.

It is going to be very interesting over the next while as I really can't help out with much. Tonight will be the first time we, or should I say, Rob, has to cook. Not much I can really do, unless I sit down and cook, but even then I can't put any weight on my foot. I guess if Rob takes the dishes to the sink for me I could wash them there? I couldn't imagine this happening to me and living alone, I would be eating delivery pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

So that is the update for now, tomorrow off to the ortho surgeon to determine the next step.

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