Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday we went to Adelaide's 11th Clipsal 500 - a V8 supercar race, Holden vs Ford, and let me tell you, there was lots of vroom vrooom!!

I've never had an opportunity to go to such a race, and when I saw that it was on the weekend we where here, I figured why not! I like most sports and how cool would it be to go to a car race.

We went to the Friday race as tickets where a bit cheaper and spent the whole day at the race! We took the bus from the caravan park and got off down town and as we where walking you could here the cars zooming past, and we where 4 blocks away! We got trackside tickets and wondered the whole day around the track, checking out all the displays as well as different views of the tracks during the races. We also got passes to go behind the pits, and that was pretty cool as well! Saw a couple of the drivers signing autographs and saw crews working on some of the cars. There was tons to do beside watching the races, there were loads of displays of cars, motorcycles, food, beer, and rides! They had tons of booths selling promotional clothes, hats ect, and I broke down and bought a Holden shirt.

There where large TV's set up around the track so you could see the rest of the track action, but of course our favorite spots had no TV's. The spot we enjoyed the most was corner 4, where the cars had to slow down (well, from 220 to 80) so you could get a good view of the cars instead of them zooming past at 240km/hr! Plus, if the cars breaks locked, they went flying past the corner and you got to see them spin their cars around to get back on course!! We saw one small accident, it was with the utes race (the cars that have trunks) where 3 of them went around the corner pretty close together and one got hit and spun around. Just after this we looked down the track and saw a car pulled over to the side, he got out and was calling someone over. It appeared that he had a bit of a fire in the engine. Nothing exciting happened and there was no big explosion, bummer :( I mean that in the nicest of ways!! Its kinda like hockey, you always wanna see a good fight :)

After the races there was live entertainment. We stayed around to watch the hiphop headliner Hilltop Hoods which some of you may have heard the song "Chase that Feeling" or "The noosebleed section". After we heard a few of the songs we knew, both Rob and I where feeling pretty knackered, so we caught a cab and came back. It had been more the 12 hours at the race track and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!! But what a fun day!

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