Saturday, March 20, 2010

The short of it

So this is the short of it:

Arrived in Adelaide, spent lots of money, Rob more then me, Rob needs money, Rob needs work. We make some calls, asked at a couple of the wineries when we went on the winery tour, no luck. One of the job agencies hums and ha's, but noguarantees. After talking to my friend Zoe, she said her aunt and uncle own a vineyard and they would be keen to have some help. We called, and called, and called, but there was never any answer and no returned calls. We thought we had some luck when we met some people at the Clipso, said there was work in Melbourne helping with evens. However after a phone call, no luck. Then alas, got a message from Zoe with her Aunt and Uncles home number (the previous one was their cell phone) and at the same time got a call from her uncle (Tim).

So here we are, at Tim and Cyd's beautiful house, helping out in the vineyard. Why am I working?? Well, why not?!! Rob would like to work for a few weeks, and why not keep myself busy, and earn a bit of cash. It is a bit of a pay cut, and it involves a bit manual labour, but it's not bad.

We arrived Wednesday mid day, and started work that afternoon. We are fixing any of the irrigation piping that runs along the bottom of the vines, repairing any wires that have snapped, and are placing any pegs on the posts that hold the wires up. Lots of walking and lots of hammering. We haven't had to fix too many wires or piping, so just lots of hammering.

Tim and Cyd have been kind enough to let us set up our tent in their front yard and have access to their showers and toilets. They also gave us their camping table to use and a portable fridge, so now we don't have to buy ice every day! They also have a puppy who is so cute!! Her name is Winnie and she's a 5 month old Labrador who has tons of energy! She loves us, mostly because we play with her, and we love having her around!

As for wild life, not much out here!! We asked Tim if he has seen many snakes, he replied no, just a couple by the house....... nice, where we are tenting :) But I have seen 2 spiders, a few caterpillars, a praying mantas and LOTS of flies!!! I have also walked through my fair share of spider webs. YUCK!!! There is nothing that I hate worse then walking through a spider web! There are loads of birds around, they wake us up every morning. And we usually see roo's down by their pond, in front of our tent. We have also heard the horrible call of the koala (sounds like a wild pig) but not seen him yet.

Tim starts harvesting the grapes of Monday and he gave Rob a crash course on how to drive a tractor to help him. I have no idea what I will be doing. I guess I will just wait and see :)

Coming 'home'
Some of the grapes
U can see the wires and the irrigation piping
The vines wrap around anything!
Even each ther if they can!
A spider, a golden orb I think?
The neighbors have some horses, so pretty!
Our tent with the amazing view!

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

You are having such a unique experience over there. I am living my travel dreams vicariously through you, so keep it up!