Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yeah, for no surgery, at this point anyways!

First all, my appointment today, which I had to fight for (mostly due to the fact that the hospital on Sunday didn't fax the paperwork, so when it finally did, of course the clinic was full, but with a little pressure and curiosity from me, and the nurse having a look at my X-rays, they booked me in) went very well.

I had this unnerving fear that I was going to have surgery, but I came out of the hospital with a pretty waterproof (!!!!) purple cast.

The ortho surgeon, who I can't remember his name, was very nice, and he even had a small team come in with him - I guess it was a pretty cool fracture. They are more or less curious as to why my foot is SO swollen, and they where even querying a dislocation. The dislocation was later ruled out by looking at my other foot and realizing that it is 'just me' :) The doctor is also concerned that I may have damaged a ligament that runs along my 'big' metatarsal which basically holds all the other metatarsals together (think of your finger bones, and there is a ligament that holds them all together), which may be causing the swelling. If this is damaged or pinched, surgery will be required. BUT, in order to get a better look, a CT would need to be done. Today's X-rays showed that it is getting better, so the CT is put on hold. I am to return in a week for a repeat xray, and then, well, we'll go from there.

(As for long term, he said a cast for approx. 4-6 weeks, full healing about 3 months, and I could experience on/off swelling and pain for up to 2 years , with probably a need for orthotics - man, when I do it, I do it GOOD)

The doctor took the half slab off and wow, is my foot swollen, and bruised! As Rob said, its 'mingy' and yes, it is pretty ugly! The 'plaster' guy did a much better job of putting a cast on, plus its a full one, and I've managed to pull my foot up a bit, with not that much pain. It still hurts though and I have been given a prescription for Endone (Percocet) but as he said, the pain should get less as will the swelling and I shouldn't need much. Man I can't wait! I have also been put on Clexane, a blood thinner. Because it hurts to move my toes, and I can't move my foot, I am at risk of a clot forming in my calf, as well as I'm on birth control which puts me at more of a risk. So now I get to jab my stomach with a needle every night. Um, I've given hundreds of needs to other people, but never one to myself, should be interesting!

Things are still difficult, and I feel bad for asking Rob to do everything, but it truly is hard!! I tried washing my hair in the sink today, I did it, but not very well. My left leg was burning by the end of it from holding myself up. I think I need to get a big over the should type bag that I can put stuff in - I can't even carry a bottle of water. And I was told I would be in a cast for 4-6 weeks :)

I think its going to be a very long and boring weekend, being Easter weekend doesn't help as there really is nothing to do, and nothing is open. We'll think we'll be going to the movie store tomorrow and stocking.

I think I will also be getting back to my addictive Internet games, at least for the time being as I think I have a valid excuse :)