Friday, April 2, 2010

What, I have a broken foot??

After 5 days I still find it hard to believe that I broke my foot!!!! I stare at the bright purple cast and still can't believe it, apart from the pain. Never having broken any bone before (maybe my coccyx, but that has never been X-rayed!) it is something to get used to.

Firstly, the pain has gotten better. Since the full plaster has been put on, I have not had the same pain as before with the half slab. I think it helps that my foot is fully supported as well as it is in more of a natural position, apart from when laying down. I find that it does get sore at times when in bed and especially when trying to sleep, but it is more of an ache then a pain. The swelling isn't helping at this point, which I don't think has gotten worse, OR better. I can tell by my toes and a small part of my foot that sticks out from the plaster. I have not required much endone and regular tylenol seems to do the trick. I am not taking any Motrin as it is believed to inhibit bone healing.

Now that I'm not on much Endone, you could say that I could drink more, but the type of klutz that I am, I'd have too much and fall over using the crutches!!! I guess no getting drunk for me, just a couple glasses of wine with supper.

The last few days have been pretty 'un'interesting. Apart from going to the hospital on Wednesday and going into McLaren Vale with Rob on Thursday to pick up a few things (movies included), I have been either in bed, or outside. The bedroom we are staying in has a beautiful french door that leads outside which as a patio. It is great as there are massive windows to look outside and everything is close by. I go outside a couple times a day to get some fresh air and sun, but it is much easier for me to be inside, everything I need is within hands reach. Water, nibblies (which I try and stay away from), books, and of course, my computer!! If I need anything while I'm outside, Rob has to get it for me, and to be honest, he does enough. He has done the laundry, cooks, and took down the tent that we will longer be needed, plus be my slave and do the silliest things for me :)

I had a shower yesterday for the first time since the injury, and it was heaven!! Cyd and Tim (the kind owners of the house that have let us invade their basement) lent us a plastic chair to stick in the shower and I managed to wobble my way in. I washed my hair, a good wash this time! and shaved my one leg :) should be interesting when the cast comes off, I may need to wax that leg!!

Winnie comes down for a visit every once and a while, she tries to steal one of my crutches or a sock, and gives me that puppy look - 'come and play', but of course I can't, so I give her lots of scratches! Then Rob goes and plays with her. How much I'd love to walk!

Right now we are just taking it day by day, but I have to admit I constantly think about the future. When will I be able to work again? (not that I want to work anytime soon!) Will I need much rehab? When we will we be able to leave Adelaide? Plus I don't want to overstay here as Cyd and Tim have done enough helping us out. We may have to pay extra and get into a hostel after next Wednesday. I still don't know about getting into and out of a tent??? Rob will be calling about work on Tuesday, after the Easter holidays, so hopefully he can pick up something. Oh so many unknowns, which I hate.

For now, we will sit back, relax, and enjoy the Easter Holidays!

More updates to come.........just because I am bored :)

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