Monday, April 26, 2010

New tatt!

Before even coming to Australia I knew I wanted to get a tattoo here.
I had no idea what I wanted but I knew when I saw it, I'd know. I always teased that I would get a kangaroo humping my Inukshuk on my ankle, but of course would NEVER get that done! The longer that I have spent here in Australia, the more I have wanted to get a tattoo, and now I've got it!
It wasn't until last weekend when we where talking about tattoo's and someone suggested I get one of the Australian flowers. I thought that was a great idea, but when I started researching them, I didn't find them the 'prettiest', nor did I think they would have looked good as a tattoo. (
Then I saw the Southern Cross. At first I kind of thought it was stereotypical as EVERYONE here is Oz-land seems to have one. But the more I thought of it, the more I thought it would be perfect. First off, I'm not Aussie, so even more fitting as people in Canada won't know what it is. Second of all when I was on tour going up the West coast, we would always look for the southern cross at night. It also wouldn't cost me lots of money, and its small. I decided on my foot as the stars seemed to fit perfect on my foot. Its obviously on my left foot, and it looks beautiful!

Its outlined in dark blue and shaded in light blue

The tattoo was last Friday, and today, Monday (Anzac day) we took a day trip to go look at a campsite with friends of Carol and Ian's. There is a long weekend in June and they want to go camping and found a new site in a magazine. We drove out 80km's to the secluded camping site, a very secluded site. Not even a long drop dunny. Neither Carol or Ian, nor the other couple where overly excited about it. It was on a hill, had no toilets, and overall they weren't happy. We decided to drive out to Mount Franklin where they normally go camping and stop in for lunch. We stopped at the Chocolate Mill for some goodies and drove into the extinct volcano of Mount Franklin. It is a very small campground but also very pretty, and it has toilets!! We brought out the camp stoves and fired up lunch; Carol attended the fire and we had a nice little picnic. We drove up to the summit which didn't have much of a view, but it was pretty on the way up. So the weekend before my birthday, we will be camping in a volcano, in the middle of winter here in Victoria...... I think I need to buy some long johns :)

On the way up, the trees separated for this picture!!

Also, good news, Rob is starting work tomorrow :) Now he can support me!!

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