Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm exhausted!!!

We made it to Melbourne after a total of 6 days. We could have stretched it longer if I could walk, but it made it a bit difficult to do things. After Warrnambool we spent the other 2 nights staying in a guest houses and then a hostel as the weather wasn't much better and it is hard on Rob having to do everything. I don't blame him, I'd hate it if I had to do everything while he just sat there. To be fair I do do as much as I can. Plus, I was getting annoyed with my foot, my crutches, and was a bit cranky. Our last night was in Apollo Bay and as we made our way down the windy road through Lourne and Torquay, we decided we might as well head into Melbourne, well Melton to be exact- about 30 km's SW from the city center, to see Rob's family.

He has 2 second cousins - I think, and the first night we stayed at his Aunt Debbies house, and we are currently in his Aunt Carol's camper-van parked outside their house. At least its better then the tent. Both Debbie and Carol have 2 daughters that are 18, and Carol has another daughter that is 13. One of the 18 year olds Gemma, is still in school, the other has finished and is working. They all like to drink so I think we will get along well. In fact Rob was up till 0430 the first night we were here with his Aunt Debbie!

Too be honest, at this point I am completely exhausted. It hit me today when we went out to go to the Werribee open range zoo (you get taken out on a bus, just my way of traveling!) but it took us forever to find it and by the time we got there, it wasn't worth the money. So we went to a winery instead, and after a few tastings and back in the car to come home, I could have crashed. If Rob knew where he was going I probably would have slept! Its probably the traveling that has taken it out of me, and Rob doesn't always park close, and I am sick of using crutches. I think I will just take it easy this weekend and relax, plus my foot is still swollen and a bit sore. I must have done some major damage as it is STILL more painful at the top of my foot then where the fracture is.

Rob will hopefully start looking for work next week and then we can find a place to stay once we know where he is based out of. But for now, its the camper-van, and I'm ok with that, for now. It will get annoying having to go into the house to use the toilet and wash up, but I'll just deal with it. I'm kinda getting used to that now, dealing with things.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

It sounds more like you need a couple of weeks with your foot up and some servants!

You know, I have never heard of anyone ever breaking their foot the way you did. Gotta go and be special eh?