Thursday, April 22, 2010

Puffing Billy's Railway

Today Rob and I, as well as Rob's cousin Kristy, came with us to see the old steam engines. The drive was a long one, and we had to go through the city, which sucked, but we managed. We took the scenic route on the way there, in other words, I took a wrong turn, but we got there in time to catch the 1110 train. I was able to hop up on the train, but once we got to Lakeside, they got the ramp out for me and Rob wheeled me down on the wheelchair that we rented. It was a one hour journey on the impressive stream engine train to Lakeside, and a beautiful one at that. We are able to sit on the side of the train dangling our feet, and it was a nice warm day to do so. The train went over the trestle bridge, restored from its original, built in 1900, a very scary wooden bridge that looks like it was going to collapse! Then through picturesque forests featuring mountain ash tree's and amazing views of the province of Victoria. We made a couple quick stops for refreshments - I stayed on the train, before getting off at Lakeside. Poor Rob and Kristy had to push me up and down hills and over gravel paths, and got to give orders and enjoy the scenery!
We stopped in at a miniature train store and was blown away! There was over 1000 trees, 250 buildings, and over 2000m of track. It was going to be destroyed 5 years ago until the current owner bought it and has added to it. So glad he did!!

After lunch, and a walk (or a ride for me) around the lake it was time to head back. And just in time as it started to rain. I was pushed up the ramp and we where on our way back. This time we where at the back of the train, and it was a bit more rough, as well as wet. The rain continued, so we just sat on the train and took in the view. The rain didn't last long, but the ride wasn't as fun and exciting as the first time, so we just relaxed.

It was such a fun day and nice to do something different :)

Enjoying the ride
All three of us taking in the view
You can tell its autumn
The train at Lakeside
The rigidity bridge

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