Friday, April 2, 2010


.....aka Fragmin, aka enoxaparin. A low molecular weight heparin which is a blood thinner. It is an injection, dose based on weight of the person, and it is administered in the abdomen in the subcutaneous tissues. The reason I'm on it? Because I am at risk of developing a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a blood clot that forms in the calf. A very painful experience and if dislodged could result in a heart attack, a stroke, or it could get stuck in my lung, also another bad thing. The reason I am at risk, because of my decreased mobility, and my lower leg being casted so unable to move it, and the main reason, I am on birth control which puts me at high risk of getting blood clots in the first place.

To go back a bit, to when I was prescribed the drug and went to the pharmacist to get it, not once was I taught anything about the drug. I was not given much information about it at the ortho clinic, but I had told them there that I was a nurse. The pharmacist on the other hand, did not know. The only thing I spoke to him about was why I was only given 10 when I was prescribed 14. And this was because Clexane only came in boxes of 10, and at a cost of $50 a box, he just gave me 10. OK, thats fine, I will run it by the ortho doc on Wednesday to see if 10 days is sufficient, or if he wants the full 14. It doesn't really matter because the insurance company will be paying for it in the end anyways.

No one, not eve the tech even asked if I had done self injections before. I had to ask for a sharps container which they didn't have any, so I am using a glass beer bottle at the moment. Obviously if I didn't know how to inject myself I would have asked, however I know there are people that are shy, and would probably walk away without asking any questions. SCARY - and if you ask me, it also promotes noncompliance with medications.

Anyways, back to injecting myself. Such a weird feeling. I have given hundreds, maybe thousands of needles before, but never had to do one on myself. The thought alone of hurting myself with the needle is not a pleasant one, and the first time I did it, I looked at the needle, in my hand, then at the bunch of 'tissue' - yes, I will call it tissue, that I had to jab it in. It probably took me about 10 seconds to do it! , I just kept staring at the needle, then the tissue, then the needle.....! I knew the action I needed to do, but as soon as the needle hit my skin, I subconsciously stopped, and ended up pushing the needle in. Even more unpleasant. And let me say one thing, Clexane freagin' hurts when it is injected!!! I have heard from patients that its sister Heparin hurts, a lot, but Clexane isn't so bad. Well, Clexane is bad, and I hate doing it!! I can think of many patients dreading when I come in at 2000 with the dreadful blood thinner injection, and now I dread it when that time comes for me to inject myself!!!

I haven't bruised that badly with the Clexane, just a small red spot from where I injected myself, and it only stings for about 5 minutes after I inject myself, but I still hate it and can't wait for the next 11 days to be over :)

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

You poor thing!!

From your stories, the medical care over there could use a serious updating. Scary that no one gave you a run-down on self-injections!!