Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foot update

So I went to the doctors yesterday for my 3 week follow up. And was not impressed.

First off I'd rather see an orthopedic surgeon then a regular GP. Who wouldn't want to see a specialist, especially seeing as I was seeing one Adelaide. But, no, I need a GP referral to see an ortho doc, my letter from the ortho team is no good.

Second, I was told (by the people we are living with) that I would have to wait no longer then 20 minutes at the clinic to get in to see a doctor. But not yesterday. I waited 70 minutes to see one. I was not a happy camper. And of course I didn't bring a book, why would I if I was told I'd only have to wait 20 minutes.

Also, over 80% of the doctors, were of non-white decent. I don't mean to sound racist, but I am going to. I've worked with doctors from other countries and half the time they don't understand us, we can't understand them, and/or they pretend they do. Not ALL of them are like this and I have worked with amazing ones, but I wasn't overly optimistic yesterday, especially having to wait 70 minutes :(

I ended up seeing an Asian doctor. He was ok. I didn't tell him that I was a nurse, and I think I probably should have, and will next time. Basically he told me that I had three, not just one broken bone in my foot. Thank you, I knew that.

My xrays from the ortho clinic in Adelaide are on CD, and are not compatible with their computers. Great.

I was told that I needed to go for repeat xrays, and in 24-48 the report would be in, and I 'may' come back in a couple days to look at them. This confused me, as why did he need to wait for the reports, couldn't he just look at the xrays? And did I, or didn't I need to come in, in a couple of days..... I 'may' come in???

So, I went for Xrays, and of course just missed the radiologist as he went for lunch. I was told I'd have to wait 30-45 minutes, and an hour later I was called in. Got the Xrays, and after 5 minutes I was given a copy of them. This confused me, and upset me even more, because I didn't understand why the doctor had to wait for a report when I had the Xrays in my hand. Now I have to pay ANOTHER $55 to go back and have to doctor compare the xrays, only because he needs the bloody report?

I had a look at the Xrays and it looks as though my bones are healing, but my second metatarsal isn't healing as quickly as the other two. Anyways, after having the doctor tell me this tomorrow, I will probably have to return in another 3 weeks for another xray to see if the slab can come off.

Gotta love the medical system, and I freakin' work in :(

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