Friday, April 30, 2010

A night out

Well, I finally had an opportunity to go out last night. It was karaoke night at the local country club, and Hayley, the oldest child who we are staying with insisted that we all go out. Rob and Ian backed out as they both had to work in the morning, and unfortunately Kristy couldn't come as well as she wasn't 18. But Carol, Hayley, Debbie, Bill, Jemma and I all went. I figured I might as well as it is one of the few things that I can do; going to the club is out of the question for me!
There where some not so good singers, and some amazing singers, Hayley included. She had the best voice out of everyone last night, in fact she was singing infront of crowds of 3000 people doing musical theater. She was awesome.
It wasn't a late night, but it got me out of the house doing something, finally. AND it makes it harder to do anything now that Rob is working nearly 10 hour days. Plus I feel bad asking him to take me places in the evening as I know how exhausted he is after work. Oh well. I'm now officially addicted to my computer - you can find me on FarmTown, Fish Wrangler and Mafia Wars, as well as MasterChef on TV, and many other addictive type TV shows.

As for my foot, I was happy with the doctor I saw, and I am to follow up in three weeks for another Xray. He agreed that everything is looking well, in fact one of the bones isn't as displaced as it was when it was fractured. If things look well in 3 weeks, he'll look at taking the cast off and putting on a different cast, one I can take off when showering, but I'll still only be lightly weightbearing, so I will still need the crutches. Not great, but I didn't think I'd be right back walking on it anyways. :(

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