Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I dread every other day

A shower.

Yes, I know that sounds bad, but it seriously sucks. I don't shower every day for a few reasons. First, I do nothing during the day, so don't really NEED a shower everyday. Second, it takes the energy out of me to shower. And thirdly, because I can get my cast wet, it actually takes a while to dry, and therefore I freeze.

The shower here where I am staying is very small, and I have a small chair that I put in so I can sit, which makes my showering space extremely small. Its difficult to get everything done, and I have to slid the chair around while I'm in the shower to do it all. Then getting out is always tricky, as well as hoping over to the other stool so I can sit and get ready. By the time I'm done drying, moisturizing, doing my hair, getting dressed, ect, it's close to 25 minutes. I am truly exhausted by the time I get out of the bathroom!

Now the one thing that really annoys me, is that my cast takes forever to dry. I am able to strain most of the water out by lifting my leg up and letting the water drip out the end of my cast, but the mesh still stays damp. Its not to bad if the weather is warm and I can get the sun to dry the cast. But it is Autumn here in Melton, and not overly warm. PLUS, when my feet get cold, they take FOREVER to warm up, therefore leaving the mesh still damp, and me very cold- its a never ending circle!

I have used a hot water bottle to try and warm up my foot, and that sort of works, but it takes time for the heat to get through the cast to my skin. Today we turned the heater on in the house as it is quite cool out, so I put my leg in front of the heater. It worked while my foot was there, but as soon as I left, it seemed like my foot got colder.

Oh well, I just keep thinking I only have 2 weeks left and then I should have this darn thing off, and one that I can take off and shower. I'll still have to sit down when I shower as I don't think I'll be able to fully weight bear, but I can handle that :)


Cranky said...

Hi there, currently in a cast as well and know exactly how you feel! I recently turned 30 and this is the second bone I broke, the last one was when I was 5. I have a solution for shower, I am not sure if they sell them in whatever country you are currently in but here in the US I found a cast shower cover online that doesn't allow any water to get in and it's amazing! Google it and see if they sell them. Anyway I hope you are not in pain or too much discomfort and feel free to email me and write back,Dave.

Amanda said...

Hi Cranky, thanks for the info. I have heard of them, but the whole point of the waterproof cast was so I could shower and get my foot wet, which helps keep it hydrated. Plus, the cast covers are also expensive, and not working makes it very difficult.
Hope you're bones are healing well and you're not in pain either. Thanks for the help :)