Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evil Mexicana Air

I can't remember how much I wrote about Mexicana Air loosing my bag coming home from Cuba, but man has it been an ordeal.

The bag that was lost was a day-pack that was zipped, on either side, in opposite directions, to the main backpack, and it was also snapped at the top to the main bag as well. Someone explain to me how this gets lost?

I last saw the intact bag in Cancun Mexico, and when I arrived in LA, it was missing. When I first spoke with a Mexicana agent in LA, they had a quick look but it wasn't found. I filled out a lost bag form and was told to call the 1-800 number to enquire. I spent the night in LA and the next day I called twice, but nothing was found. When I got to the airport that evening to catch my flight, I once again enquired about my bag with an agent, she called, said nothing was found. I explained I was going back to Australia, gave her my contact details, she write "courtesy' on the form - which at the time I didn't think much of, and I was off to come back to Australia.

Once I got over the jet leg, I made a call to the costumer service 1-800 number, but, it wouldn't even connect! I tried calling direct, and was told to call the 1-800 number. Um, it wouldn't work from this side of the world!! I was transfered back and forth between many different people, none of them helping me whatsoever. I decided to resort to email. I found the email for costumer service and sent off an enquire, at this point, its the end of November. The agent I dealt with, definetly had more Spanish then English, and this was very evident in his emails. He was also never that prompt in returning my emails, in fact, at one point, it was close to a month before he responded with my e-mails!

I had to send him a scanned copy of everything, and when I did, it once again took ages for him to respond. His reply went something like this, that because it was a 'courtesy' form, he couldn't do much, as well I didn't have the original bag tag. Well, in fact the bag tag was on one of the forms I sent him, and after a prompt e-mail back explaining everything, as well as where the original bag tag was, and many emails afterwards because he wasn't responding, he eventually did reply, nearly a month later. I had to send him all my original documents - all of which I photocopied and got certified from the police station, and he would then write up a check. I waited a while as I know how mailing things can sometimes take ages. I mailed them March 2, and on April 15th, I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent an email wondering if the check had been mailed. He replied, very quickly I might add, that he had been out of the office and that my check was in 'process' and he would tell me once he received it. As of yesterday I had not heard from him, SO, I sent another email, which he responded that the check was put in the mail yesterday and I should have it in a week. I have it being sent to my Calgary address, thinking it will get there quicker, then here in Australia.

SO, its been approx 6 1/2 months that I have had to deal with lost bag. Not good costumer service if you ask me. I am not impressed with Mexicana Air, and I would do anything possible to not have to fly with them, ever, again. Costumer service means everything to me, and if you can't give me any, I won't be giving you my money!!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahahh!! Wasn't it you that had a bag take a tour of the arctic with the Coast Guard??

Amanda said...

Yes, yes it was, and what was even better, was I got the money AND my stuff :)