Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best shower in ages!

Well my physio is coming along very well. I saw the physio-therapist on Friday and apart form a couple more suggestions, I am on the right tract. Regular passive range on motion with my foot and as much walking as I can tolerate and I am on the road to recovery. I am already down to using one crutch, although I might still use 2 in the mornings as my foot is more stiff and still a bit sore. The stiff part of my foot is the base of my foot, so the pushing off while walking is the hardest. But I am slowly working on it, and notice progress every day!
I still think I'm a long away away from going on a hike, but I get more and more excited about it as the days go on.
Today I had my first shower - standing up, in about 9 weeks. It was FANTASTIC!!!!

Today, Rob and I went for another drive - not much else to do, and the weather has been crap, so why not just drive and get lost! This time we headed southwest, and once again, we passed a winery. Bacchus Hills Winery, up in the hills with an amazing view! The wines we tried where all fantastic, and the prices were reasonable, ranging from about $15-30, with a couple that where on sale for $10, and another for $6 - that was actually hand crushed during the end-of-vintage festival they have every year.
It's amazing when you have a good time, you enjoy the wine more! The guy helping us with the tastings is a part of a family run business and was very friendly. We ended up walking away with 7 bottles of wine - a record I think for us. 3 of them were on sale, and we picked up 2 bottles of the $6 wine - why not! We were only down to one bottle at the house, so why not!
It true more and more, that,the more I find out about wines, the more I appreciate wine, and the more I want to cellar it! I can't wait to 'settle down' and start my own cellar and allow these amazing wines to age to bring out more and more of their tasteful flavors!

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