Friday, May 7, 2010

Mamma Mia!!!

Mamma Mia is in its final few weeks playing here in Melbourne, and when Hayley found out I like musicals, she was ecstatic! So last night, Hayley, her friend Kane and myself went to the Majesty Theater in central Melbourne for the show.

Hayley, who is 18 and just got her drivers license decided that she would drive there. It was under my impression that it wasn't that far in the city and she and Kane knew where they were going. Boy, was I wrong. She had her GPS, but she turned off once we hit the freeway as it was taking us a different way. When she said she didn't know how to get to the bridge, I figured we might be in trouble as I knew how to get to the bridge. We got into the city OK, and both Kane and Hayley knew where they were, but didn't know the roads. We ended up turning on the GPS and it took us to where we needed to be, just on the wrong side of the road. After a U-turn and lots of traffic, we got to the parking lot, but at a steep rate of $7/hour. Oh well, it was right across the street and I didn't think we would find anything cheaper. I also have to mention that the show was on a Friday night, also the night of a new rugby stadium opening, and an AFL footy match. Not the best of nights to be driving in the city.

We were very early, which was fine; we had Subway for supper and I had a glass of wine while we waited to get in. The show was at 8pm, and I think it even started a wee bit early! It was a fantastic musical. The songs were great, and it helped that we knew some of them. The costumes where amazing as were the singers/actors/actresses. It was kinda sad during the intermission as we knew that it would soon be over! The end was even better though, as after they finished their bows, they sang Mamma Mia as well as Dancing Queen. People in the audience even stood up and danced to Dancing Queen. I might have as well, but not with the cast! I bought a $10 Mamma Mia magnet - the prices they charge for merchandise is insane, but I still wanted something, so I paid it.

Now for the drive home. I thought it would be easier, but nope. She turned the GPS on while we where still in the car park, but of course it couldn't find any satellite's. The weather was also crap, drizzly and very cloudy so it took even longer to set up once we got outside. We took a right, just as the GPS said so, and then it had to re-calculate. It had to do this about 3 times - who knew a GPS could be lost?!!! And of course we are in the middle of downtown Melbourne, and there is no place to pull over to let the GPS re-orientate. The traffic is heavy, and we had no idea which lanes to be in, which was also a challenge. Hayley almost hit one guy as she was shoulder checking to change lanes, and everyone in front of her had stopped. I was shotgun and trying to help, hopefully I helped her more then annoyed her. The streets are also just messed up in Melbourne. There is such a thing as a right hand turn from the left hand lane - or in North America, that would be a left hand turn from the right hand lane. They exist only in Central Melbourne, and may seem confusing, but they actually kinda make sense. Luckily though, we didn't have to do any of those as they are a bit difficult. There is another road that has a green meridian separating three lanes of traffic going the same way. We of course got in the wrong one, but where able to get over (probably illegally) in time before we had to turn. Oh yeah, this also led into a traffic that was a mess!! Anyways, the GPS eventually got us un-lost, and back on track, and eventually found the freeway and got home. If I had any mix I would have had a drink when I got home, I think I was stressed more then Hayley!!

So the conclusion, never drink in Melbourne city center. :) BUT DO see Mamma Mia!!

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