Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bring on the wine!

I had my appointment with Dr. Bedi today, ALL the way on the other side of Melbourne. We left with plenty of time just in case we hit a traffic jam or road works. It took us nearly an hour to get there, with an hour to spare :)
Before I even saw the doctor, he asked for the cast to be removed. Off to a good start I think! The nurse took to the cast off, was impressed with the waterproof meshing, and what a weird feeling it was having my leg touched. Not having any sensation on my leg at all for so long, it was a strange, strange feeling. After explaining everything to him, and he had a good look at my X-rays, he said he was happy with everything. He said sometimes evidence of bone ossification doesn't show up on Xrays, even though it actually is occurring. He also told me that he would have taken the cast off 4 weeks ago and allowed me to start weight bearing, but this hasn't affected the healing process - just made it more difficult for me :) He stated I could get a 'cane boot', that helps stabilize my foot and weight bear, but he said he doesn't believe it helps to heal it any better or quicker, and a straight running shoe with good support would do just as well. This also saves me $200. He said he was happy to let me go as is, and not need a follow up with him, just see a physio therapist.
Excellent, some of the best news I have had yet. The only thing, is I am going to have to fight with my insurance company to get it covered. The phsyio I will get will not be covered, but I will be fighting to get my doctor appointments covered. I have been in touch with the insurance company and he said after I was told I could leave Adelaide, the insurance will not cover anything. I think it is going to be a long hard battle, but I will fight till the bitter end. Dr. Bedi asked about insurance and I explained what was happening; he said he would write a convincing doctors letter which will hopefully help me. I just finish one battle with Mexicana Air, now it looks like I have to fight another with the insurance company.

So, I will be cracking open the Wolf Blass tonight and toasting to a long 59 days, and keeping my fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

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