Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swimming anyone?!!

Well, things are already starting to get better.

I am still really hesitant to put too much weight on my foot - probably just scared I will hurt it or do more damage. But I am defintaly getting quicker on the crutches and trying to push myself.

I have a physio appointment tomorrow but decided to do a little myself today. Rob and I went to the local swimming pool and I did a little walking! We grabbed one of the 'slow' swimming lanes, and as Rob lapped me many times, I held on to the side of the pool and walked/stretched my foot and calf in the water. It felt great and was able to do a pretty good job of walking, sort of! I did about 10 laps of 15meters and felt great. Rob helped with a little range of motion exercises in my foot and it felt so good to have my foot and calf muscles stretched and moving again. Its a start and hopefully the physiotherapist can give me more exercises to do as well as a time line of how long I should be before fully walking again. It will be great to be able to carry my own drink hassle free into the living room!!

I still have some swelling in my foot - I was told it was a 3 month healing process, so I'm not surprised, as well as a bruise on the bottom of my foot which is a little strange. But all in all, I am so relieved to have my cast off as it is a start to a full recovery, and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel :)

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