Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caravan/day trip

Currently Rob and I are staying in his relatives caravan/camper-van/trailer - whatever you want to call it, located in the driveway next to the house. And it is positioned right next to the house, up against their daughters room......

It is great that we have a bed to ourselves, and somewhere that we can go and getaway, sort of. It is beside the house, but not very sound proof. Plus, it makes it difficult for me, as I have to get out of their house, down the stairs, then back into the trailer, up 2 stairs, one that is a bit steep. Kinda hard with the crutches, and sometimes I'd rather just stay in the house, but other times I just deal with it and come out to the trailer. It is also coming into winter here in Victoria, and man is it getting cold. OK, well, not that cold if I relate to when I was up in northern Canada, but after 7 months in hot and humid Darwin, it is freakin' cold!! Plus, there is no central heating anywhere, so it is always cold. The last few nights we have been putting a small heater on a couple of hours before coming to bed, just to warm up the caravan. I don't do well when I am cold, especially if my feet or head gets cold, but now I just sleep in lots of layers, warm socks, and a hoody so I can pull it tight over my head to keep in the heat :) It also gets cold in the house during the day lately as houses here aren't insulated very well, and they have no central heating. More and more now it is cold during they day, so all the doors get closed, even the bedroom ones, and a big heater gets turn on to warm up the living room.

Really though, I can't complain that much as we are hardly paying anything to stay here which is helping Rob and I A LOT. He is just about finishing a brick laying job, but he isn't getting paid much, so he is going to look for a fork lifting job, one that is paid by the hour, and if he works overtime, he gets paid for it!!

Yesterday he took the day off (as he worked last Sunday, as well as Saturday) and we went for a drive. Victoria is very beautiful and we headed out west towards the town of Gisborne. I knew there where a few wineries out there and we stopped at the first one we saw. It was owned by two Canadians that have been in Australia for nearly 40 years. It turned out to be a boutique winery, that was very tasty! We left with 3 bottles :) We stopped in the small town of Gisborne for lunch and then decided to head towards Mount Macedon. A very nice, expense part of the state, with lots of big houses, well, mansions actually. We drove to the summit of the mountain (hill, really) where there was a massive cross commemorating those that have died in a war. I hobbled my way to the cross, making lots of stops along the way as it was mostly up hill, but it was well worth the hike! After the beautiful view, we attempted to stop at another winery on the way home, but after the fourth one being closed, we gave up. I guess it just wasn't supposed to be :(

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