Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Wolf Blass for me tonight

I was really looking forward to opening our bottle of Verae, Wolf Blass that we bought in the Barossa Valley. Rob and I agreed that we would open it as a celebration for having my cast off, which I was hoping would be today. I had my X-ray on Tuesday and today I was up bright and early in hopes of beating the health clinic rush to see the doctor I previously saw. We where at the clinic by 7:15, and I still managed to have 6 people in front of me. It was over an hour wait, but had Rob as company, and he went and got me a mocha while we waited. The news however was not what I wanted to hear. The bones are still in place, which is good..... BUT, there is no calcification or bone fusion. Basically the bones are not healing in place. He was honest with me saying he wasn't quite sure what to do next. I could either take the plaster off and get a 'boot', so I can start putting weight on it therefore increasing circulation and hopefully healing of the bones, OR, keep the plaster on for another 4 weeks, with the same hopes. He said it was up to me, but if it was his foot, he'd be going to an orthopedic surgeon for review, just to be sure. AND, if I decided to go for a boot, I'd have to go to a physio and get one - meaning more money out of my pocket. (and I'm thinking, if I was at an ortho clinic, they would most likely have one)
One part of me was upset that he didn't have an answer, and I wish I had pushed for an ortho referral earlier, and the other half was like, well, at least he was being honest and not b.s'g me.
SO, I had some numbers to call to see which ortho doc I could get in the quickest. It wasn't off to a good start. I first tried the main Melbourne ortho clinic, that has many surgeons who specialize in specific bones, who also see all the athletes in Victoria - the earliest was July or even August, even when I explained I was still in a cast, she couldn't help. But she did give me a couple numbers of ankle/foot orthopedic surgeons. The next one was also no good, it didn't help that he was on holidays, and his earliest booking was the end of June. The next surgeon I tried was a college of the last one, and I was off to a good start. I explained my situation to the receptionist, and she told me I was looking into July for an appt. I told her I was still in a cast, and after a few more questions, and getting my name and number, she said she would speak to the doctor. I had to wait a long 3 1/2 hours as he was seeing patients all morning, but I got a positive call back. He was willing to see me this Wednesday. Fantastic!! The only downfall, is that his clinic is on the other side of the city, and we'll probably have to drive through the city to get there. (remember my Mamma Mia experience??!!)

Rob finished his job yesterday, so he is once again unemployed, and as much as I'd like him to get back to work, I'm hoping he can take me on Wednesday.
The other concern I have, is my insurance. I emailed them regarding all my receipts, and with that response, he also stated that the insurance doesn't cover follow-up or rehab. OK, rehab I understand, but I will be fighting for these appointments to be covered. Its not like the cast is off and I'm going in to be checked, I still have the injury and its not healing! I told this to the doctor I saw today and asked him to make it very clear in my progress notes that it is an urgent matter that needs to be followed, and if not it could lead to many long term problems - all of which he listed in front of me, all which are freaking me out!! (chronic pain, and basically any and all foot problems, not being able to run, ect....)

This past week has been a big bummer for me as well, I've been a bit depressed all week, not wanted to do anything. It truly takes it out of me to do anything, and I just dread it. I try not to be like that, but its hard some days. Usually one of the kids are home during the day as well and they are just so loud and annoying. I just want some piece and quiet, to read or enjoy the TV. Then the evening is even worse, everyone is home and it seriously is SO loud, and so negative. I just want to hide, but the trailer gets cold in the evening, plus I do like to see Rob in the evening.

So now I have at least 5 more days of non weight-bearing, on crutches, and its already been 55 days, what's another 5 more...... I guess?? :(
It's not like I can even weight-bear in the cast as my foot is slightly plantar-flexed, making it difficult to walk forward.
So here's hoping for some good news on Wednesday......please, please, please!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a mess Amanda!

Have you two thought about coming back to Canada at all?

Amanda said...

yeah, a big mess!
well, i've sort of thought about it! I come home this summer for a month visit, then back to australia till my visa expires end of jan; then off to New Zealand for a couple of months, THEN, I'll be home!!