Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday Carol and I joined Hayley and 2 of her co-workers at Bingo.

Now this Bingo was a little bit different then what I was used to. Instead of the cards in the regular B I N G O columns, it was strictly numbers. I had 2 cards which I didn't think was much, but turned out to be a lot! The 2 cards where small, each card had 3 rows and 9 columns, only a little over an inch wide, and about 4 inches long. The first column was for the single digits, the second for the 10's, third for the 20's,ect, all the way to the 80's. Each card had 15 numbers randomly spread out, and to win, you had to have all numbers blotted out. OK, I think I can do this.

Then the caller started calling out the numbers, and it is unlike the regular BINGO callers, slowly saying B, 8, then waiting 5 seconds till the next number, no, no, no. It was more like an auctioneer!!! It went something like this "Six, five, sixty five; double three, thirty three; nine, zero, ninety, on its own, lucky 7". No breaks between the numbers unless the caller choked on their own spit!!!!! I was shocked when they first started and almost fell behind, but soon enough I got the hang of it. And thank goodness I only had 2 cards, and no more! It took me awhile to figure out as well, that they come in books in 4, and split in half or singles; and on each book, no number was repeated, so if I had a 83 on the top card, there was no need to look on the bottom card. I was also relieved that the cards where small, so I rarely had to move my arm!

The first book I had, I was always so close! Many times I was only one or two away. Then on game 15 or so, I hit the jackpot!! Yup, Bingo on number 47. I was so excited I was almost shaking waiting for the last number, and when it was called I yelled Bingo so loud I scared everyone that was at the table with me! I know, shocking that I could be that loud :)

I won $50, not bad considering it was $26 to play. I was so excited from winning the game, I almost missed a few number on the next game. When Bingo was called I looked up at the numbers I missed, and realized that I was once again, only one away from another Bingo, thank goodness I hadn't have won!

That was the only Bingo I won, in fact the next game (we played 2) I did crap! Only came close a couple of times, and I was the only one out of the 5 of us to win. :)

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