Sunday, March 28, 2010

I guess things happen in three's

Unfortunately, three broken bones isn't what I was planning on, my first ever, broken bones.

So this is how it happened. I was putting some things away in the car after just having a shower when I spotted Winnie - the 5 month old labrador, and her owner Cyd. I had a brief chat with Cyd and Winnie came bounding towards me to say hello. She was very hyper and wanted to play, so I went along. I went running down the pavement away from the car and was going to play with her on the grass by our tent. However, I didn't make it that far. I thought Winnie was coming up on my left hand side, but instead she came running on the right, I turned, tripped over the dog, went flying to the ground, and somehow bent my right foot in half. The pain was excruciating, Cyd came running down, the middle of my foot started to bruise and swell, Cyd ran off to get some ice. Rob came out of the bedroom to see what all the commotion was about (I wasn't quiet about this, but I didn't cry either, its was such a weird pain. Now if there was blood, that would have been a different story!) and after putting some ice on it for a few minutes, both him and Cyd helped me to the dowstrairs bedroom to elevate my foot. When I stood up I slightly touched my heel to the floor and felt pains shoot up my foot - not good I thought. I hobbled to bed, elevated my foot, put some ice on it, and took some drugs. Cyd was going to help me wrap it after I let the pills kick in, but after 20-25 minutes of no relief, I decided I better go to the emergency to have it X-ray'd. Cyd wrapped my foot which helped with the pain, and Rob and I were off to the ER. It was the longest 30 minute drive EVER and of course couldn't sit in the back seat as we have all our stuff stored there so my foot was down; it as too painful to even cross over my left leg.
Triage was interesting, all she did was ask what I did, and my name. She didn't look at my foot, do my blood pressure or temp, or ask me what my pain was (she did ask what I took). In fact, not once did they do my vital signs........
After about an hour and a half in the waiting room, and me being in pain, I was finally called in, where we waited again to see the nurse. She thought it was my ankle, but when I told her what happened and where the pain was, she said it warranted an, yeah!!!!! The doc came by, had a look, gave me shit for taking 800 mg of motrin - whatever, it was a one time dose and my foot freakin' hurt! He ordered some more pain killers which it took forever for me to get, and ordered some xrays. A couple of the positioning of my foot sent pains all through my foot and ankle, at one point the xray tech whispered "I think you have a few broken bones", which she later confirmed after looking at them all - but shhhhh, she didn't tell me that!! My foot was plantarflexed and I couldn't move it up, I couldn't move my toes and to even touch them sent pains everywhere. After the painful xrays I got 1 percocet (endone as they call it here) which after about 45 minutes I could feel relief, thank goodness! The doctor confirmed the broken bones, three of them, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal, mid-foot. (Once I get a bit better and can get some help, I'll see if I can take a picture of the Xray.) The ER doc consulted the orthopedic surgeon, we where to put a half slab (half cast) on my foot to stabilize it, and we didn't have to move my foot, which I was terrified of. I am to see the ortho team at the main hospital on Wednesday, they will re-Xray it, if the bones haven't moved they will plaster my whole foot, but if the bones have shifted I may have to have surgery :( another thing that I have not had before, well, that I can remember anyways.
SO, positive thoughts that I won't have to have surgery, and lots of RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevate! Although I will have to go into McLaren vale this afternoon to get some crutches as the hospital doesn't supply them and it was 11pm on a Sunday when I was finally discharged. Making it interesting trying to hobble around and with Rob working this morning, I won't be doing much apart from getting up to go to the toilet. I think I will be requiring quite a bit of assistance, even taking off my pants last night was difficult, but mostly due to the pain.
Oh the surprises life throws at yeah hey??? I guess they make ya stronger, so bring it on!!

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That sounds so painful!! I hope they give you lots and drugs and recovery is quick.