Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to the gym!

Yesterday I decided I would check out how much it would cost for casual drop in rates at the gym. I am going stir crazy at the house, and just want to do something active. I can walk, slowly, and the bike and rower at the gym would be perfect. I found a gym about a 20 minute walk from the house, at I could get a 10 day pass for $99. I bit pricey, but the only other memberships they offered was a 3 month. The other local gym, also a close walk, was $15 per visit. No thanks.
So today I got up, relatively early as well, had a nice healthy breakfast, and made my way to the gym. The gym let me go check out the gym and go for a 'free' work out. I started on the bike, not much resistance as my whole body is kinda limp right now! 20 minutes later and I could feel the burn in my quads already. I spent lots of time stretching as well as upper and a few lower leg weights. I went on the rower for 5 minutes in between as well, just to keep my heart rate up.
The only other thing that they didn't have, and I was disappointed, was they didn't have a balancing board. I wanted to use one to slowly start putting weight on the outside of my right foot, and it would have been perfect. Oh well, I improvised and just used the edge of one of the machines.
I left the gym feeling great, and the walk home was a great way to cool down and keep my foot and calf stretched. As long as I don't push it, I'm hoping it will help speed up the recovery of my foot, so I can get back on my feet! I have a feeling it might be a bit rough getting out of bed tomorrow and Sunday, well, I might need to be pulled out of bed, but I know it will be a good sort-a pain!!

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