Sunday, June 6, 2010

When it rains it pours!!

How true is this for me now.

Just when my foot is starting to get better, something else comes up. As for my foot I am down to one crutch all the time, and I am getting faster and faster at walking. It is still very swollen and stiff, but I am doing exercises all the time, and with time, I'll be back to normal.

But last night, I got a set back. I've come down with a bladder infection. I can not believe it, I've never had one and have no idea how I've got this one. I was in so much pain last night, that I almost went to the clinic, but things settled and I decided to see how I felt in the morning. Definitely not any better, so off to the doctors I went. I don't think I have ever been to the doctors this many times in such a short time; not that I can remember anyways. And of course it happens to be Sunday, so the visit cost me $65 instead of $55. I had to wait nearly 2 hours for this visit, but managed to 'get 2 birds with one stone' as I needed to see the doctor to hand in a written request for my medical records for my insurance company. Unbelievable!!!! I also managed to save a bit of money as the doctor had some extra cephelaxin from a patient that reacted to them, so I didn't have to pay for a prescription. There was only one missing and I still have enough for a 5 day course, which should be plenty. Anyways, enough about that, lets just hope it gets better before spreading to my kidneys.

On a brighter note, yesterday Rob and I went to Australia's Good Food and Wine Show. We ordered tickets on line and got into one of the celebrity theaters to see Tobie Puttock and Matt Skinner cook. I wanted to see George Calombaris and Gary Megihan who are off the popular MasterChef here in Australia, but of course it was sold out. We where able to take the train in and only had to walk a short distance to the exhibition center. There were tons of displays, lots of food tastings and even more wine tastings!! We actually had to go back and forth between the food and wine samples as we easily could have got very drunk from all the wine samples, actually, we where feeling no pain by noon!!

Lots of the tastings didn't have sample glasses, but instead we had to buy a wine glass, and of course we got the ones with the holders, see picture below. I didn't mind having to buy the glass, saves the environment! We tried some nice wines from many regions in Australia, some we hadn't been to, others we had. As well as some New Zealand wines. As for food, there was amazing flavored honey, tasty sausages, veggie chips, organic juices and so much more. I did end up getting a very small reaction to something. I'm guessing it might have been a slight contamination with something, not sure though. But after some water and a rest, I was feeling better. I wasn't feeling the greatest in the afternoon though, had an upset stomach. It didn't help that I was slightly hungover from the night before and was drinking wine all morning :) But things where better once I got a chance to see Gary and George in the book signing. I considered buying a recipe book, but it was $44, and knowing I wouldn't be using it right away, it would have been more a hassle carrying around, plus we where too late to get in for the book signing. Tobie and Matt where very funny in their cooking class, even Rob seemed to enjoy it! They cooked a very simple spaghetti/olive oil/herbs/garlic dish, as well as a pork belly smothered in olive oil/herbs, rolled up as a roast and baked - looked very yummy! and for dessert, chiros. Can't go wrong with chiros!!!

By the time this class was over, both Rob and I were exhausted, and my foot was starting to hurt, so we headed back into Melton. Of course it was raining out so we got soaked, gotta love winter in Melbourne.

Now I just have to get rid of this infection and make sure my foot keeps getting better, and I'll be set for camping this upcoming long weekend :)

Good Food and Wine Show
Gary and George!!
Our wine glass holders, which came in very handy!
Mmmm, it was Good Food!!

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

My goodness you are just falling apart!!

That food and wine show sounds like it was a blast!