Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camping anyone?

So this weekend is the Queen's birthday, which warrants a long weekend :) Thank-you Queen!
Since we have been here in Melton, the Nisbet's have planned to go camping for the weekend. I find it a bit strange to camp at this time of the year, it is officially winter, and it is Victoria's first snow weekend where the 'hills' open for the start of the ski season. Just last night on the news, about 200 km's from here there was a massive snow storm, and yes, there was quite a bit of snow! Anyways, back to camping. Where we are going, there shouldn't be any snow falling, but it is winter in full force, and I have seen the sun for a whole 10 minutes today. No rain, yet, but it is supposed to rain on and off all weekend, with highs of 13. Not my ideal weather for camping, especially coming from Darwin where I am still having a hard time adjusting to the cold weather. The evening gets very cold and there is no insulation in these houses so you might as well be outside. The heater here at the house isn't that strong and it takes forever to warm up the house!
Today Ian, Carol and Kristy left to go camping, Rob has to work tomorrow so we will head out once he gets done work. The front door was left open as they where getting the caravan ready today, and I was freezing my ass off in bed, (we are in the house now as they had to get the caravan ready) and I was under a down filled duvet!
Earlier in the week Rob and I headed out to get some warmer clothes, as we know the weather is NOT going to get any warmer! I wasn't too keen on spending too much money, but I did want to get some gloves and warm ugg boots (not real ones, the fakies) . We stopped at a few places, I got ugg boots for $15, and gloves, then we stopped at the good ole' K'Mart. I didn't plan on getting a 'jacket', but K had nice warm winter jackets for $30! How could I resist?!! Even if it only lasted the few months that I was here, it would be worth it. And they had them in pink, so I picked one up. Of course poor Rob had very little to choose from, and his was twice as much.
I am also walking crutch free :) I still have a swollen foot, and can't fully put all my weight on my foot, but I am able to hobble around. In fact, just the other day Rob and I took Winnie out for a walk. What a great feeling! I am walking just fine on even surfaces, but my foot still isn't that strong to handle un-even surfaces. Which will make camping also interesting. I will be bringing my crutches with me, as well as a head lamp to use at night so I can see where I am stepping. Hopefully this will be enough, and I'm sure with all the alcohol, I won't feel much pain :)))) Just kidding mom!
So hopefully I have enough warm clothes to keep me cosy, if not enough alcohol to get me by and if not, it might be a very grumpy filled weekend :) Just ask my mom!

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