Monday, June 14, 2010

I survived!

Yes, we went camping, and it was cold, but I came back alive and with all my fingers and toes!
Once Rob came back from work on Friday, we packed up the car and headed out. The campsite is less then an hour from Melton, and we arrived just before dark. Our tent was set up for us, and it was massive!! It actually had a divider so there could be 2 rooms. We also borrowed a mattress that was raised off the ground so we weren't absorbing the cold off the ground. We also had two blankets over our sleeping bags to keep us nice and cozy. We set this up, and in no time we each had a drink in hand sitting around the campfire. Actually, I was cold and didn't get my travel mug, so was being stubborn and didn't have a drink right away. But I eventually caved in.

The first night Rob got very drunk, he pulled out the Jack Daniels and that was it. We all huddled around the camp fire, had barbecue for supper, and chatted away. In total there were 9 of us; Carol, Ian and Kristy, their friends Sue and Geoff, and their other friends Tracy with her son Kane. That night was pretty cold, and I got a hot water bottle from Sue, so I had a nice warm sleeping bag when I got in. But of course my face and nose froze that night, but luckily I think I had enough to drink that I was able to sleep alright!
Saturday was a day of not much. We went for a walk up to the summit of Mount Franklin, I did pretty good with my foot, just walking back down was a bit sore. On our way down it also started to rain a little bit, but it only lasted for about 5-10 minutes. And when we arrived back in camp, there where 2 tarps up and Rob and I set up our canopy so there where many places to hid if it poured. Luckily, this never happened, and the sun even decided to come out for short random visits. We found our frisbee in the back seat of the car and started throwing that around when it stopped raining. It was fun and I actually became quite good at throwing it, even straight! I bailed after about 2 hours of playing, but the boys kept playing for about another hour. That night for super was stew on the camp oven. So, so good!
Sunday we went into the Dayelsford markets, about 10 minutes away. A very hippie town, with lots of hippie things to buy. I just stuck with buying food and warm drinks. We went for a drive, stopped at Hepburn Springs and went for a walk. I only hurt my foot twice, but not bad, just stepped the wrong way, which sent pains in my foot. But nothing that didn't last too long. No pain, no gain, right?? We drove up to Castlemaine, 30km's away, just to do something. On the way back I decided to drive, and Rob let me :)) It was the first time I had driven since breaking my foot, and it felt great!! A little scary, but I loved it! I could drive everywhere. We stopped at a winery on the way back, a small boutique winery, and very nice wine. He showed us around his cellar, which was made into the rocks on the hill, very effective at keeping a constant temperature. We left with two bottles, and had the nice shiraz with roast beef that night. Which was also cooked in the camp oven, and was one of the tenderest roasts I have had in ages! Of course there was also potatoes, pumpkin and peas and corn, with fresh bread from the market that morning. I hadn't eaten so much food in such a long time. I actually didn't even drink that much that night because I was SO full!! It was an early night for Rob and I, and almost felt ill from all the food when I went to bed. But of course felt better the next day.
We had breakfast Monday morning after procrastinating around the fire, it was that dreaded time to start packing up. It was interesting trying to take down a tent that we didn't set up, but we did it. And before we knew it, everything was taken down and packed away. It was sad to see it down as I do enjoy camping and didn't want to go back to the city, and the TV that I knew would be on 24/7.

All in all, not a bad weekend. I ate tons, which is bad I know, but what is camping for?? I had fun - despite the cold nights, and of course it was nice to get away from the city. Bring on camping this summer when I go home - and lets hope for nicer weather.

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